What Is A High-Class Escort Or Is The High Class Just A Marketing Label?

In a variety of agencies, escorts and brothels girls are divided into categories. Some of the girls charge very high rates. On the other hand, some of the girls offer very low rates. For a girl to be a high-class escort e.g. in Berlin there are some standards that she is supposed to meet.

Basically, there are three main categories of escorts. There is the regular escort, the high-class escort and the courtesan escort however there are other categories like pornstar experience.

Now there is a very thin line between them. However, here are some of the qualities of the high-class escort.


The first terminology that you are supposed to understand is the term escort. Escort simply means a girl who comes to your location to offer his or her services.

A regular escort will come and give you a sexual service. The regular escort can give you anal sex, missionary style or any other style that you want. On the other hand, the high-class escort service will be in a position to offer you extra services.

Some of the services that a high-class escort will give you is a girlfriend experience. A girlfriend experience is where an escort treats you as if you are her boyfriend. Some of the services she will offer you include talking to you before and after sex.

The high-class escorts are also in a position to switch to a variety of characters. They will switch to a character that suits you more depending on what you like.

More to that high-class escorts will also accompany you to different places during your trip at an added fee. The high-class escorts are very Flexible and unlike regular escorts will be in a position to offer different services on order.

There are escorts who are also in a position to offer massage services. They are also referred to as high-class escorts since unlike regular escorts they are in a position to offer extra services.

Mainly, the high-class escort service is going to take each thing at its own step. They are not going to directly rush to the sex but are going to make sure that they are in a position to make sure that you are in the right mood for sex. They basically do not rush and will creatively make you in the right mood for sex, unlike regular escorts.